About Us

I have always been a huge believer of following your dreams and having a little faith & hope along the way. Ok, well maybe a lot of faith & hope! Owning my own store has always been a dream of mine and here we are. If you know me pretty well then you already have a slight idea of the name; Pearls and Chicks, as it happens to be two of my favorite things. I love pearls, plain and simple. They are classy and go with just about anything. I feel like pearls never go out of style. Yes, I’ll admit I’m one of those crazy chicken ladies (if you don’t own chickens you should…they are something special)! Pearls and Chicks will be committed to offering you trendy clothing items and jewelry. I love that Pearls and Chicks supports both big and small businesses and even those that give back. Huge thanks to Ally B., Amber, Madison & Ally H., for being the beautiful faces who spent countless hours modeling clothes. You ladies are the best and love you all! Shelby, with Shelby Dickinson Photography, did an amazing job behind the camera and I cannot thank her enough either. Last but not least, I could not have made this possible without the good Lord above, my husband, family and friends for all of your continued support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and not allowing me to give up on my dreams. Xoxo, Lindsay